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Adult Preparation
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Youth Preparation
Young people in 11th or 12th grade are invited to formally commit to a deeper understanding and involvement in their Catholic Faith.   Candidates must have participated in a faith formation program via The Church of St. Andrew or other Catholic school.  Confirmation preparation offers Candidates small and large group events, monthly Youth Masses, ritual and prayer experiences, learning opportunities and a retreat.  This journey is shared with parents and a sponsor chosen by the candidate.
The Confirmation preparation process at the Church of St. Andrew seeks to foster and strengthen the faith of the candidates through the relationships of family, peers, sponsors, and faith community, knowing that it is through witness and relationship that they can come to know and love God.
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Requirements for Candidates
As part of the requirements for Confirmation, candidates must:
  • Active participation in the Middle School and Senior High Youth Faith Formation program at St. Andrew's or another parish for new members.
  • Participate in "Wednesday Night Live" program for Juniors.
  • Submit Confirmation Information Sheet and Covenant along with Baptismal Certificate.
  • Participate in NET Team Retreat, typically in December of the Junior year.
  • Submit a Letter of Intent along with Sponsor Letter of Recommendation to Fr. Mark.
  • Participate in various Youth Masses.
  • Serve in various projects with your small group and sponsor.
  • Have a Confirmation interview.
  • Worship in either the Chrism Mass or Easter Vigil.
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