Reconciliation Times:

Saturday: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

First Reconciliation Preparation (for children in 2nd grade and older)

Families who wish to celebrate a sacrament must be registered members of the Church of Saint Andrew and young people need to be enrolled and participating in a formation program or attending any Catholic school.  Sacramental preparation is in addition to  these programs.

Families with children in 2nd grade (and older) are invited to prepare for and celebrate First Reconciliation. Preparation for this sacrament consists of two required parent meetings and Learning Centers. All students preparing for First Reconciliation must be enrolled in the parish school or Faith Formation program. Preparation for the sacrament is in addition to the instruction received at school or in Faith Formation classes. Parents are provided a First Reconciliation book and all details at the Parent Meetings. Parents use this text as they provide at-home preparation. First Reconciliation celebrations occur in November/December/January. 



Sacrament of Reconciliation