School Philosophy
1. We strive to proclaim CHRIST’S MESSAGE of love and forgiveness.
We believe gospel values should permeate our school, our families and our community, thereby following the footsteps of Christ in our daily lives. We strive to affirm gospel values in each of us and believe we are witnesses to Jesus’ message by the way we live.
2. We expect and encourage students to strive for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. We believe in encouraging students to meet their full potential by using their gifts and talents.
3. We strive to lead people to WORSHIP and prayer.
We believe in daily worship through actions, thoughts and celebration of the Eucharist as active, community participants. We believe prayer is our response to our dependence upon God.
4. We strive to develop COMMUNITY.
We believe that we are a community of faith developed by family, parish and Catholic traditions. We prepare ourselves and our students to be responsible members of our communities: school, faith, society and world. We believe we show community by the way we work together toward common goals.
5. We strive to motivate others to SERVE. We believe as people of God we are responsible to work and share together for the good of all.
6. We strive to develop an awareness of local, national and global PEACE and JUSTICE issues. We believe in demonstrating our faith by teaching children how to respond to peace and justice issues. We believe in honoring and respecting the dignity of each person according to the Catholic Social Teachings.