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Tacklebox - Before and After School Care Program
Program Description:
St. Andrew Catholic School’s before/after/all day school care program provides care for any St. Andrew Catholic School student.  Children are offered a variety of supervised activities including crafts, board games, free time, reading, study time and athletic games.  Our program is planned with the children in mind...a program we hope is fun exciting and an overall learning experience.
Recognizing the uniqueness and importance of each child, and given the responsibility we readily assume for the growth and development of our youth, Saint Andrew Catholic School offers an After School Care Program referred to as TACKLE (Teaching Active Creative Kids with Late-day Energy) Box in response to a need expressed by the parents of Saint Andrew Catholic School.  Our purpose is to provide a warm, supervised, enriched environment, which is safe, supportive, creative and fun.
Program Philosophy and Goals:
  • To provide safe, nurturing childcare for children attending TACKLEBOX.
  • To provide a positive environment that provides daily opportunities for children to:

*Participate in self-directed learning activities

*Participate in adult-directed, structured activities

*Participate in both large and small group activities

*Engage in activities that are quiet and others that are active

*Explore a variety of enrichment materials and experiences

*Enjoy free play and a variety of choices

*Enhance social skills development

  • To promote positive self-esteem for each child by providing an environment based upon mutual respect and positive interactions.
  • Caregivers are staffed to maintain a 1 to 15 ratio with children.
Program Operation:
TACKLEBOX is an on-site before, after, and non-school day care program located at Saint Andrew Catholic School.  The program is unavailable if school is cancelled or the building is closed.  Childcare will be provided on specific non-school days.
Pay On-line
If you would like to set up or revise an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) managed by the Parish, fill out the EFT form >click here and return it to Melissa Anderson in the Parish office.
For questions regarding on-line payment or EFT transfer, please contact Melissa Anderson 763-441-1483 x310.