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Bussing of St. Andrew Catholic Schools' students is provided through Vision Transportation. St Andrew Catholic Schools’ students must abide by the bus regulations and rules set up by Vision Transportation. Information concerning bus routes, rules, etc. will be sent to families from St. Andrew Catholic School prior to the opening of school in September. Information may be obtained by calling Vision at 763-441-4420.
Student Transportation Guidelines – Vision of Elk River Policy
Bus transportation is a privilege that can be lost if behavior is unacceptable on the bus or at the bus stop. MN Statute 123.B
Please review these guidelines to ensure safe transportation for all eligible students.
  • Daycare: All students in daycare are required to have a Transportation Form on file with the school of attendance and Vision of Elk River, Inc. This information is used to assign bus stops and for notification in case of an emergency. Students cannot be transported to or from daycare sites that are outside the school attendance zone. The Transportation Form must be completed and in the hands of the school or Vision by June 15. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate daycare transportation once routes have been set for the start of school.
  • Daycare Application Procedure: A daycare application must be renewed each school year. If the daycare situation changes in the course of the school year, a new daycare form must be submitted to enact the change. Daycare change requests must allow five days before the change can take effect.
  • Bus Stop Locations: It is impossible to locate a bus stop within sight of every home and daycare provider. As a general policy we locate bus stops at corner intersections. For safety reasons we limit house stops and mid-block stops. We do not drive into cul-de-sacs unless
    distance requires it. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or daycare provider to escort students to and from the bus stop.
  • Bus Stop Assignment: For reasons of safety and security, students are allowed only one designated bus stop in the morning and one designated bus stop in the afternoon. Multiple pick-up or drop-off spots are not permitted. A variable schedule is also not permitted.
    Transportation policy permits just one morning and one afternoon stop, with the same stop(s) five days a week.
  • Bus Stop Changes: Vision of Elk River, Inc. must authorize any proposed changes to a student’s bus riding assignment or bus stop assignment. Bus drivers are not allowed to make changes to the bus stop location or the pick-up time. Bus stop change requests must be made directly to Vision.
  • Bus Stop Behavior: We urge parents and daycare providers to supervise students at the bus stops. Unsupervised students who arrive at their bus stops too early are the cause of many bus stop problems and complaints.
  • Bus Safety and Discipline: School district policy on bus safety and discipline is available on the district website as well as the Vision website The policy, rules and guidelines are reviewed by the teachers each year and are handed out by the bus drivers. Please review these safety and discipline rules with your students.
  • Bus Scheduling: Under normal circumstances, students should be at their assigned bus stops at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of their buses. It is not unusual for buses to be twenty minutes late or later during the first two weeks of school. This time lag is usually self-correcting shortly after the start of school. We request patience during this period of time. Buses may also run late due to rain, snow, ice, fog or traffic conditions. If a bus is running late the bus will complete the route nonetheless and stop at every stop.
  • Emergency Change Requests: All temporary changes in a student’s assigned bus or designated bus stop can be approved only by Vision of Elk River, Inc., and will be approved only in cases of family emergency. Students are not allowed to change bus assignments or
    bus stops to attend social events, lessons, jobs, parties or other non-emergency activities.
Students are not allowed to ride a different bus home at anytime
throughout the school year without the permission of Vision Transportation.
Transportation reimbursements for those eligible students residing outside the school bussing boundaries will be handled through each eligible district. St. Andrew Catholic Schools will contact you with any information it receives from your home district. Transportation reimbursements will be processed for only the custodial parent.