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call Sherri Stefano
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For questions regarding on-line
payment or EFT set up, please
Melissa Anderson
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Pay Tuition On-line
If you would like to set up or revise an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) managed by the Parish, fill out the EFT form >click here and return it to Melissa Anderson in the Parish office.

As a private Catholic school, we receive funding from the St. Andrew Catholic Church community, and tuition from parents to cover the cost of educating students. Members of the St. Andrew parish receive first priority for placement in the school, and a reduced cost compared to non-members.

2017-18 Tuition
St. Andrew Church Parishioner tuition: $3,250 per year
Non-Parishioner tuition: $5,300

The actual cost of teaching one student each year is roughly $5,900. For families that can afford it, we ask them to look into their hearts when considering their financial contribution to the school and pay more to help us offset our increasing costs. That is why St. Andrew Catholic School has a 70-80-90 percent tuition plan that allows families to choose to pay more than the cost of tuition to help pay our bills.