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Altar Server
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.
Choose an alb(robe) and cincture (rope). The cincture color is according to the season. This is notated on the server schedule.
Please check-in on the server schedule. Write your initials next to your name, or the person for whom you're subbing.
Only two servers are needed per Mass except on major feast days. The following duties should be divided up between the two servers.
Before Mass begins:
  • Decide who will be the Cross Bearer and who will be the Gospel Book Bearer.
  • Light the two altar candles with the brass lighter (on the credence table behind the pulpit. The brass lighter is lit with the Bic lighter that is also on that table). Pull in the wick to extinguish the flame, and then push it out immediately, otherwise wax will build up in the lighter.
  • The bowl of water, towel, ciboria and presider's chalice and purificator should be placed on the credence table behind the altar.
  • For Fr. Lauren - place the Missal on the presidder's chair.
  • For Fr. Tony - place the Missal on the chair in front of the server's pew.
  • The sacristan may have additional duties for you.
The Procession into church:
  • The Cross Bearer begins the procession. Walk slowly!
  • The Gospel Book Bearer follows the cross. Leave a space of 3 pews before you begin walking. Try to keep that distance as you walk down the aisle. Walk slowly!
  • Deacon Fred (if he is present) and the presider will follow behind you. Deacon Fred will carry the Gospel Book when he is present. The second server should carry a hymnal and sing during the procession.
  • When the Cross Bearer reaches the front steps: continue up the steps, through the middle of the sanctuary, and place the cross in the stand, that is located by the pillar behind the altar. Make sure the crucifix is facing out and not crooked. Don't run! Calmly walk and return to the bottom of the steps.
  • When the Gospel Book Bearer reaches the front steps: continue up the steps and enthrone the Gospel Book on the stand on the altar. Don't run! Calmly walk and return to the bottom of the steps.
  • Line up to bow with the presider. One server should be on each side of the priest. All will bow together. You should then go to the first pew. Remain standing and join in the gathering song.
During Mass:
  • Remember to participate in all of the prayers, responses and songs. A hymnal and worship aid are provided in the racks on the chairs in front of you. Be attentive and participate. When seated, place your hands in your lap. When standing, fold them in prayer position. DO NOT play with your cincture or act bored!
  • If Fr. Tony is presider, one server will need to hold the Missal for him for the various prayers. He will indicate when to bring the book up for the Opening Prayer (at the beginning) and Post-Communion Prayer (after Communion).
  • During the Liturgy of the Word you will not be using candles during the reading of the Gospel except on Christmas and Easter. Remain in your pew and follow the posture of the congregation (sitting or standing).
  • After the homily and petitions, the Liturgy of the Eucharist begins with the collection and offertory. When the priest or deacon approaches the altar, meet him there. If the Missal is on the chair by you, bring it with you to the altar. Remove the Gospel book stand. Then help to bring the ciboria, presider's chalice and purificators to the altar (The priest or deacon will take the tray of chalices).
  • When the presider (or deacon) goes to the bottom of the steps to get the gifts, follow him - one server on each side. The presider will hand the server on his left the collection basket. Place it in front of the altar - in the middle, not off to the side. Go back and stand next to the priest.
  • The priest will hand the cruet of wine to one server, and the cruet of water to the other. Follow the priest to the altar. The server with the wine should stand on the corner of the altar. Be careful not to stand too close to the altar candle. The server with the water should stand to his/her left. Father uses each cruet to fill his chalice. When he's done with both, bring them to the credence table. One server should take the bowl of water and the other take the towel. Go back and stand by the priest. When he is finished washing his hands take the bowl and towel back to the credence table. You can then return to your pew. Don't Run! Walk Slowly. (If there is only one server, drape the towel over your arm, and carry the bowl.)
  • You will remain in your pew throughout the Eucharistic prayer. Follow the posture of the congregation. When it's time for communion, approach the Communion minister as you normally would and return to your pew.
  • After Communion: Fr. Tony will need a server to hold the Missal for the Post-Communion prayer. It will most likely be on the altar, so retrieve it from there and take it to him. When the prayer is finished, bring it back and place it on the chair in front of you.
After Mass:
  • Leave your albs on until you've completed your duties after Mass.
  • Take the brass lighter from the credence table. Use the snuffer and extinguish the altar candles. Do not blow on them! The wax will spray all over.
  • Bring the Missal, bowl of water, towel and any remaining chalices, purificators, etc. back to the sacristy for the sacristan. If no one has come to take the collection basket, take that back to the sacristy as well.
  • Ask the sacristan if there is anything else with which you could help them.
  • When all duties are complete, return your cincture to the drawer (neatly) and hang up your alb (neatly), fastening the snap so it stays on the hanger. The albs are arranged by size. Please return your alb to the appropriate section.