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Director of Liturgy & Music
Diane Pederson
763-441-1483 x311
Extraordinary Minister of the
Eucharist (Communion Minister)
  • Please check-in at least 10 minutes before Mass so the sacristan knows who will be helping.  The sacristan will begin looking for subs to till any empty positions at least 5 minutes before Mass.  If you check in late and a sub has already been found for you, you won’t be distributing at that Mass.
  • If you are scheduled as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, please approach the sanctuary (altar area) during the Sign of Peace.
  • The Ministers of the Bread should be standing directly behind the altar.  A space should be between the Bread Ministers and the Ministers of the Cup. 
  • When a concelebrant or deacon is present they will assist with communion to the Eucharistic Ministers. If not, the minister closest to the altar will assist. The presider will give communion (Body and Blood) to this first minister. The presider will then continute to distribute the Body of Christ to the rest of the bread and cup ministers. The assisting minister will distribute the Blood of Christ to the bread ministers (using the presider’s chalice). He/She will then hand a ciborium to each bread minister. When the presider is finished distributing the Body of Christ to all the ministers, he will then distribute the Blood of Christ to the cup ministers from the altar. When cup ministers approach the altar, the one who is distributing the cups will say, “The Blood of Christ.”  The cup minister will bow and respond, “Amen.”  They will then take the cup, drink from the cup and purify it before moving to their place. Those distributing in the back of church should line up on the lower step, those distributing up front should stay on the top step.
  • When all the ministers have received their cups and ciboria, all will move to their assigned places to distribute the bread and wine.
  • When your communion line is done please check to see if your assistance is needed elsewhere in the church (to those unable to come forward). If not, take your ciborium/cup to the sacristy. If there is Precious Blood remaining in the cup, it should be consumed (by you or other ministers) before returning to your seat. The sacristan will take the remaining consecrated hosts and place them in the tabernacle.
  • If a consecrated host is dropped, pick it up and hold it in your hand under your ciborium until you are finished distributing. You can then either place it on the altar or take it back to the sacristy. If consecrated wine is spilled, place your purificator over the spill. If you are able to continue distributing, extra purificators are located on the credence tables. Please take one and return to your line. If the entire chalice has spilled, extra towels are available on the credence tables (front and back) to place over the spill. The sacristan will take care of cleaning up the spill after Mass.
  • On weeks you aren’t scheduled, we ask that you check in with the sacristan before Mass to see if any extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist are needed to sub at a particular Mass.
  • Please dress appropriately for your ministry. 
  • If you are available to serve as a communion minister for funerals, please let us know (please specify weekdays and/or weekends). We would like to begin offering both the Body and Blood of Christ for funeral Masses.
  • Thank you for your service to our parish community!