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Director of Liturgy & Music
Diane Pederson
763-441-1483 x311
  • The Lector will read a greeting announcement after the prelude song. The lector should wait at the back while the procession is gathering. When the presider is ready to start the procession, the lector will approach the pulpit from a side aisle.  The Lector will greet the people by saying “Good Evening”, or “Good Morning.”  Wait for the congregation to respond.  Then, read the Introduction for the Mass that will be provided.  Please do not insert additional comments or ad lib. (Who replaces you in the procession?  When a deacon is present, he will carry the Book of the Gospels; when a deacon is not present, one of the servers will carry the Gospel Book and enthrone it on the altar. Since the lector is no longer involved in the gathering procession, you will not be walking out in the closing recessional either.)  You will then return to your seat (near the front) until the Liturgy of the Word begins. If for health reasons it’s easier for you to remain in the sanctuary instead of walking back and forth, you may wait by the lector/cantor chairs until the Liturgy of the Word begins.
  • After the Collect or Opening Prayer, we will be ready to hear the proclamation of the First Reading. (On the Sundays when there is Liturgy of the Word for Children, wait until the children are “sent forth,” before approaching the altar.)
  • The Cantor(s) joins the Lector in approaching the ambo. Please wait and walk up the steps with the Cantor. The Cantor or Cantors will sit in the chairs behind the ambo while the First Reading is read.  After you read the First Reading, you will be seated behind the ambo while the Cantor goes to the ambo for the singing of the Responsorial Psalm.  The Cantor has been instructed to wait 15 seconds before beginning the Psalm for a period of reflection. When the Psalm is finished, the Cantor will sit in the chairs behind the ambo while the Second Reading is read.  We ask that you also wait 15 seconds after the Psalm before standing to begin the Second Reading. When the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, and Second Reading are finished, both the Lector and the Cantor will exit the sanctuary area together, and return to your respective seats in the congregation or in the choir area.
  • Please wait until the Creed is finished before approaching the ambo for the Prayers of the Faithful.
  • A binder will be provided that will contain the Introduction and Prayers of the Faithful. Please pre-set this binder, along with the Lectionary (check that the readings are marked correctly so you open to the appropriate page), before Mass begins.  
  • As a Lector you are engaged in public speaking which is different from conversational speaking.  For example, reading a story to your children or grandchildren all snuggled near you, a conversational voice would be appropriate. Standing in front of a lectern (ambo) and proclaiming God’s inspired word to a church that seats over 1,500 people, even if the sound system is one of the best, you would use a public speaking voice—a voice that projects well and adds appropriate pausing.  Proclaiming is different from simply speaking.
  • Please study carefully the scriptures you are to proclaim.  A workbook is provided with study notes to aid in this task.  Take time to read and reread the scriptures assigned so you have a good sense of what you are proclaiming.
  • Practice the reading.  Act with reverence as you approach the altar.  Dress appropriately.
  • Thank you for your service to our parish community!