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Director of Liturgy & Music
Diane Pederson
763-441-1483 x311

  • The appropriate number of ciboria should all be pre-filled (2/3 to 3/4 full) and placed on the credence table before Mass begins. The ciboria can be carried out on the tray, but then set on the table itself (the presider/deacon and servers will bring them to the altar during the Preparation of the Gifts).
  • Please check the tabernacle so you know how many consecrated hosts are reserved.
  • The appropriate number of chalices should also be filled before Mass. Each chalice should be half full. More wine will be needed on Christmas and Easter, but not so much that makes it difficult to carry. These should be carried out on the tray, and the whole tray should be set on the credence table (the presider or deacon will bring the whole tray of chalices to the altar at the Prep. of Gifts). If you prefer to carry empty chalices out and fill them at the table, please use the glass pitcher (fill with wine in the sacristy) rather than the jug.
  • When absolutely necessary (we don’t have enough Eucharistic Ministers and subs can’t be found), ciboria or chalices may be removed from the sanctuary, but only prior to the Offertory. Once the ciboria and chalices are set on the altar, they can not be removed. If any chalices (after consecration) are left on the altar and not used during the distribution of Communion, take them back to the sacristy when you take the ciborium (another Eucharistic Minister may need to come up with you to help carry everything back). The remaining Blood of Christ should be consumed by the Eucharistic Ministers before they return to their seats.
  • A ciborium of hosts and the small cruets of water and wine (cruets should be half full) should be placed on the back credence table.
  • The stand for the Gospel Book should be placed on the altar, in front of (not on) the corporal.
  • Please begin placing a towel and several extra purificators on both credence tables (front and back) in case a chalice is spilled.
  • You will also get a copy of the altar server responsibilities. Some of these are changes for the students and you may need to answer questions they have (a copy will also be placed near their albs in the sacristy).
  • Thank you for your service to our parish community!