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Director of Liturgy & Music
Diane Pederson
763-441-1483 x311
The goals of the Ministry of Usher are rather simple, but most important:
  • To help provide a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend St. Andrew Church.
  • To assist in the providing of an orderly celebration of the Eucharist.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before Mass begins.
  • Usher tags we are presently using can be found in the ushers’ room. Wear these tags during the liturgy, but please return them after Mass. We are in the process of producing new tags with your names on them. You can either leave them in the ushers’ room after Mass or take them home and bring them each week you are scheduled to serve.
  • To help people feel welcome please hold the door open for the elderly, handicapped, and parents with small children, etc. It is not necessary to offer a handshake. Each of you may decide whether you would like to or not. However, if a parishioner extends their hand, please reciprocate by extending your hand.
  • You may need to direct people to various areas of the church – crying room, chapel, etc. If they are new to the area, they may be looking for information to register in the parish, about faith formation, or our school. Be sure to give them the parish bulletin which contains information regarding parish staff and programs.
  • Some ushers should be present in the worship space just prior to the beginning of Mass to help people find seats.
  • Please select a family to bring up the gifts/collection at the Presentation of the Offertory Gifts.
  • When the song during the Preparation of the Gifts begins, please come forward to distribute the collection baskets. Be sure to include any parishioners in the crying room.
  • As Communion begins, help direct the various sections to the appropriate minister. You may also need to indicate to the Eucharistic Ministers who needs Communion brought to them in their pew.
  • Once Communion has begun, the ushers should be present in the gathering space to distribute bulletins, especially to those who may need, or choose, to leave early. If possible, an usher should also be stationed at Door C.
  • You no longer need to count the parishioners at each Mass. The Diocese of St. Cloud requests counts only during the months of October and July. We would also like counts done during the Christmas and Easter Masses, and if possible, on Ash Wednesday (for planning purposes).
  • Please be prepared to handle emergencies as well as any cleanup that may need your attention. A  First Aid/AED training will be scheduled in the near future. If you would like to attend, please let us know.
  • Hearing assistance devices are located in the sacristy (upper left cupboard by the window). These will be checked to make sure they are working properly with our new system.
  • Occasionally there is a need for reserved seating. The presider will inform the ushers if the reserve signs are needed at a particular Mass.
  • Please do not seat people in the choir/music area even if it looks like space is available.  
  • Ushers at the 10:30am Mass should put the collection baskets back in the ushers’ room to facilitate clean up at the end of Mass.
  • Thank you for your service to our parish community!