In 1951, the parish of St. Andrew had 151 children of grade school age. Both Fr. Trobec, pastor, and many parents felt that the religious instruction the children received in release time left much to be desired. In their minds, a Catholic school was the answer. The proof of their concern for religious education is seen in the first year's enrollment in the school. Of the 151 children of grade school age, 116 appeared at the doors of St. Andrew Catholic School on its opening day. Children attending private school were not allowed to ride the public school bus.
St. Andrew Catholic School had, perhaps, the most inauspicious beginning of any parochial school in the local Church of St. Cloud. Ground was broken for the $100,000 new school in April 1951. Opening of school was announced for the day after Labor Day. The children were enrolled, and the faculty was ready and waiting. Although construction proceeded rapidly, the building was not ready for occupancy on the opening day of school. The faculty and students improvised and provided classrooms in the sacristy, kitchen, in the back of church, and in the cafeteria. Finally on Monday, November 4, 1951, 116 students processed from church to the new school singing "Holy God.”The dedication ceremony took place on the Feast of St. Andrew, November 30, 1951. The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Little Falls staffed the school. A new addition (which is the present third and fourth grade classrooms) was built in 1960.

Previous to 1990, the largest enrollment of 273 students, grades 1-8, was in 1966-67. The last year St. Andrew's Catholic School had seventh and eighth grade classes was 1968-1969.
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2012 - Susan Scipioni was hired as the principal.
2011 - 6th grade was eliminated and pre-school was added.
2008 - Joanne Bednarski retired from her position as principal of St. Andrew Catholic School. Mrs. Bednarski had been principal for 30 years. In July 2008, Kari Staples was hired as the principal.
2006 - Work crews began removing the carpeting in the school. Tile containing asbestos was found under the carpet in the offices, the faculty room, and in the glue on the floors of many classrooms. An asbestos abatement took place in late June and early July. Tuck-pointing of the school building began in June.
2005 - The gym and cafeteria were demolished. Excavation began and the soil under the existing school building began collapsing. They stopped digging until a solution to the problem was found. Digging for the new parish center/gym/cafeteria began on June 27. Water was pumped out of the hole for 2 weeks and then the footings for the new building were poured.The school offices were ready on August 26th.  In December, construction was completed on the new parish center, gym and cafeteria. A dedication ceremony took place on Monday, December 12 with Bishop John F. Kinney celebrating Mass with the school children and their families. After Mass he blessed our new parish center, gym, cafeteria, volunteer room and health room.  Students were allowed into the gym and cafeteria on Wednesday, December 21. Hot lunch program began serving lunch on Wednesday, December 21.
2001 - In May, the new Elk River Fire Inspector inspected the school building. The school building did not pass inspection and many things were done to bring it up to code. These improvements took place over the course of a few years. In November St. Andrew Catholic School celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Bishop John F. Kinney celebrated Mass and a reception was held after Mass in the school gym for former teachers and staff. The gym was decorated with student work and archive material from the last 50 years.
1994 - In the summer, four rooms were added to the northeast end of the building under the Option 2 plan. Bishop Jerome Hanus dedicated the addition on August 20, 1994. This addition was indeed a labor of love - built primarily through the volunteer help of School parents. In March of 1997 construction began on the new church. Internet service was provided through Elk River Senior High School for September 1998 until November 2000 when the school became Internet ready.
1988 - A temporary building was put up in 1988 to provide two additional classrooms. In August 1990, the temporary building was moved to the northeast end of school and construction began on the addition of two more classrooms on the north end of the school. Again, the children and teachers eagerly awaited the completion of the construction, but the rooms were not ready for occupancy at the beginning of the school year. In the meantime, the Kindergarten classroom was set up in the gymnasium and a fifth grade classroom was squeezed into the faculty room. Finally, at the end of November, the addition was ready for the students and teachers. Bishop Jerome Hanus   dedicated these rooms on the Feast of St. Andrew, November 30, 1990.
1979 - Kindergarten program was added.