School Advisory Board meetings are held the first Thursday of the Month at 6:30 p.m.
For Mission and Code of Ethics,
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School Advisory Board
The School Committee is a consultative body of the parish school, subject to such regulations that might proceed from the pastor, Parish Pastoral Council, Ordinary of the Diocese, and/or the Catholic Education Ministries of the St. Cloud Diocese. purpose of the School Committee shall be to plan, establish, develop, define and implement policies that shall govern the operation of programs and facilities of St. Andrew School.
The Church of St. Andrew School Advisory Board's mission is to guide and communicate St. Andrew Catholic School policies, procedures and programs that support the school’s commitment to instill academic excellence and the spiritual values and social teachings of the Catholic Church. With God’s guidance, we will work together to establish and implement policies that sustain and grow our school.
The 2015-2016 Members are:
Name Position Phone EMail
Anne Marie Buck    
Jessie Carlson      
Melanie Curtis    
Troy Deters    
John Houlton    
Kim Larsen    
Aaron Rasmus Chair  
Doris Sonntag    
Sherri Stefano School Secretary  
Susan Scipioni Principal  
Fr. Mark Innocenti Pastor  
If you are interested in participating on the School Advisory Board or have questions, please contact Susan Scipioni- 763-441-2216 x327