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Cemetery Information
Doug Hipsag: 612-308-3779
John Greene: 763-441-6632
For Rules of the Cemetery

When a loved one has passed away the St. Andrew clergy and staff are here to help you with the details of planning the funeral and burial. We work with the funeral home and the family to best accommodate the wishes of the deceased and of the family.

At the planning meeting the liturgy will be discussed. Music and readings will be selected. We have suggestions to help you do this. This is also the time to talk about participants in the funeral, will family members or friends do the readings or bring up the gifts at the Mass, and what are the names of the pallbearers?

St. Andrew also offers a lunch after each funeral. Contact the Parish office for details.

A funeral Mass or Liturgy of the Word may be scheduled by contacting the Parish Office. A priest or deacon will contact the family to organize an appropriate celebration of the deceased’s entry into God’s heavenly kingdom.

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